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2017 Les Paul STANDARD,Should it go back?

Wild Bill 212

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The situation has been resolved. GIBSON USA is shipping a brand new TEKTOID NUT to me ,NO CHARGE, and if I do not want to do the installation they will pay for the installation at a GIBSON AUTHORIZED repair center. The SELLER stated that if I did the work, as long as it is done correctly and there is no damage to the Guitar, the warranty will NOT be voided. IDK, what I will do as far as the installation goes, I CAN DO IT EASILY, and most likely I will do it myself, not much to it really. I am glad I did not let this go. The NUT was cut too low at the only critical string height on the guitar, The HIGH 'E' @ the 1ST Fret. It is the only string height on the guitar that is NOT to the players taste, and I knew it, that is why I checked it.......... and I almost let it go.


That one measurement has got to be right. Only one of the four GIBSON Guitars I have purchased in the last 16 months had a NUT correctly cut to GIBSON's own advertised specs: Low 'E' 2/64TH & High 'E' 1/64THs @ 1ST Fret. BUT as long as the Low 'E' is above 1.3/64THs it is not as critical as the HIGH 'E'. The HIGH 'E', at the 1ST Fret has got to be correct @ 1/64TH or slightly higher.This Les Paul was the only one of the four that the HIGH 'E' was too Low @ less than half 1/64TH or .008", it's just barely clearing the 1ST Fret. BUT this will be corrected shortly.


Thanks to those who commented/advised.



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