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Anyone here go to Gibson Homecoming?


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Anyone come home with a new guitar? msp_biggrin.gif



I don't talk about other folk's purchases for security reasons but I do know of one very remarkable Western Classic going home. Probably a lot more but most of the folks that go to the "Homecoming" don't post here anymore. It really isn't a sales event but more of a gathering of folks that have Montana guitars.


I do know that the events were well attended, the weather was perfect and the open mike events were great. Lots of good sounding Gibson Guitars to hear and play. Music Villa is always very accommodating and Gibson had it's tour bus available as well.


Hope to see a lot of new faces next year so start planning.

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I was there, once again. It was fun. Nice group of people and the jams were good. Didn't see you there, Hogeye. Must have been lurking behind a door or something.


Several people picked up new guitars but there were no lefties, so I had to go home alone. So sad.



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amp (Anne)-

Nice of you to continue to attend the Homecoming. The story of your late husband’s guitar is a fine testament to the spiritual energy that a musical instrument can absorb through the years, through the different hands it may pass, and the lives it may be a part of. If you felt up for it, were you to enter your husband’s initials in the acoustic forum’s search bar, that story would probably come to the top of the returned results. As Sal had observed in that thread, it’s one of the best of 2016.


Give it a think; share if you’d like.





if only it was another time of the year. . .

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