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97 Sheraton bridge PU Spacing

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I attempted to change out the pickups on my 97 Sheraton with a set of SD 59's but the bridge pickup is way off, string-spacing wise. It looks as though these particular pickups have the same pole piece spread on both the bridge and neck PU, which is 49.2 mm. Is this normal for SD's? The bridge pickup is so far off the high E and B strings are not over a pole, but the neck PU is fine. I notice the spacing on the old pickups has the bridge pickup with a wider pole spread and in looking at other HB sets that seems to be normal.


I'm aware that this topic has likely been discussed but a quick search pertains more to the bridge spacing rather than pickups. Anyone else encountered this? It looks like I have a set of 59's, or at least the bridge pickup, that I can't use in this guitar.

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