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Old Epi 335 dot . . .


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Hi All,


A buddy of mine brought me this with a desire to see whether it can be repaired in any way. As you can see, it's in a terrible state, having had various repairs over it's life, including a hole in the back. The orange label inside states that it's US-made and model number ES309TD, which I've never heard of. The label isn't too clear, but the serial number appears to be 1050109. The neck is destroyed - no headstock - but has USA and 1965 printed on it. The pickups - one of them anyway -aren't original either. I was toying with buying a Chinese neck with roughly the dimensions and working it to fit, but I'd be grateful of any advice that the wise owls on the forum had to offer. I have loads of pics of it, but the 500K quota won't allow even one of them! I'll look into photo hosting off-board.



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