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Larry Graham Right Hand Technique


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Yeah! [biggrin] I remember well when a friend of mine and slapping bass player told me in 1980 this style was invented by Larry Graham as a makeshift in the first place. [scared] What an ingenious makeshift! [thumbup] Soon after I found the story confirmed through reading an interview with Larry Graham. He also said there that he called it "thumpin' and pluckin'" while the term "slapping" was coined later by somebody else obviously.


I think he unwittingly became one of the most influential bass players ever. Considering this fact he would deserve more attention of the public, but on the other hand I guess he is fine with it as is.


Neither I knew until some minutes ago that he played with Prince until his death, nor that he is Jehova's Witness and introduced Prince to the faith. As a sad sidenote, if Prince hadn't been Jehova's Witness and thus forced to obey their restrictions of medical treatment, he could still be alive.

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Heres another cool one

A funny bunch! [biggrin] And at the end they even play a slow song, "Mellow Mood" - who would have expected that ;)


Sadly the organist Robert "Butch" Sam died in 2010. The drummer Greg Errico is a legend in his own right and member of the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame since 1993. So he already was before this video was produced in 1997.


Thank you for sharing here, Rabs! [thumbup]

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