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Kate Bush & David Gilmour "Running Up That Hill"


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I thought this was interesting...



Pink Floyd was in the midst of completing the 1975 Wish You Were Here album when David Gilmour came across a youthful singer-songwriter named Kate Bush. Through his patronage, she made her first demo, and Bush’s celebrated career was underway. A friendship in music was born, too.


“I was intrigued by this strange voice,” Gilmour says in a new interview for the BBC. “I went to her house, met her parents down in Kent. And she played me, gosh, it must have been 40 or 50 songs on tape. And I thought, I should try and do something.”


Kate Bush was only 16. She’d actually come to meet the guitarist through a friend of her brother’s, who was in the music business. David Gilmour arranged for three of those songs to be recorded, with a producing assist from Andrew Powell — he’d go on to oversee Bush’s first two albums — and engineering by Beatles collaborator Geoff Emerick.


“I think we had the [EMI] record-company people down at Abbey Road in No. 3,” Gilmour adds. “And I said to them, ‘Do you want to hear something I’ve got?’ They said sure, so we found another room and I played them ‘The Man with a Child in his Eyes.’ And they said, ‘Yep, thank you — we’ll have it.’ [Laughs.] It’s absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? That’s her singing at the age of 16, and having written those extraordinary lyrics.”



The guitarist would work with Kate Bush as an executive producer on 1978’s The Kick Inside, a producer and sideman on 1980’s “Passing through Air,” a guest vocalist on 1982’s The Dreaming, and guitarist on “Rocket’s Tail” and “Love And Anger” from 1989’s The Sensual World. They’ve also appeared on stage together, notably for a performance of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” in 2002, when Bush was honored with the Ivor Novello Award.

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I'm laying on the couch right now, right next to the snoozing lady that I was laying on the couch watching Kate on Saturday Night Live, almost 40 years ago, her only tour of America, her only tv appearance in America. We can still see it today, she was that good.


That whole record was just another great one from her.



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Astonishing talent.


I'd never seen that clip before either. Great stuff. I had a look and, FWIW, it's from "The Secret Policeman's Third Ball' in 1987.


A mere 35 years(!) after her first tour she performed her second 'tour'(*); a lengthy residency at London's Hammersmith Apollo in 2014.

The entire series of 22 shows was sold-out within 15 minutes...




(*) Whether 22 shows at the same venue can be classed as a 'tour' is a moot point.

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I always liked Kate's Christmas song, which is unusual because I normally dislike Christmas sond (Slade and Kate being the exceptions). She really does take you to another fantasy place:







She also has an unusual clip of this song where she sings sitting in the red armchair, but now it was removed from the YouTube, at least I did not find.

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