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Beautiful stringed object and surroundings. I still really dig the garden.

For Newbies : Can anyone find the seraph ?


The seraph now graces another part of the garden, and some of the Jurassic tree ferns have moved on, with bromeliads and the Buddha in their places. Ancient plants, ancient spirits.


The old live oak continues to grow, with her bark more deeply crevassed than ever.


Today brought a pair of pileated woodpeckers to the trees, plus a pair of cardinals and a fluffy young jay, just fledged, to the bath.


When it rains, a screech owl finds shelter under the roof overhangs, perched on a wall lantern.


It is still a place of beauty and serenity by day, tended by the Flower Girl.


At night however, there are rustlings, scurrying, and noises, and the occasional scream of some creature coming to an untimely end.


We don't go into the Garden of Good an Evil after dusk....

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No doubt, the finest site about Vintage Gibsons, many true facts and wonderful pictures and stories. Read all from page one thru the end, I know there will be some disagreement of sorts, but this will be time well spent and you'll be much better informed of Gibsons Flat tops. Along with the "Registry". Don't miss this. Martin 1940D28

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