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Geraldine & the Honeybee

Buc McMaster

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Now just what would a honeybee sing to his favorite flower..........? Fun little tune from Willis Alan Ramsey's 1971 self-titled release.




Re-shot this with the iPad, dumped it into iMovie and there ya go....... [biggrin]


J-45, Martin monel .012s down a half step, capo 2, Manouche 1.5mm pick

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Two mics: the Edwina plugged into the amp to capture vocal & guitar and the Yeti USB mic in front of the amp speaker to get it to the Mac.


Guitar tone is somewhat relative to the strings but more than that by the player's style, attack and pick choice. I love the monels on this guitar. In the walk up to the G chord in the chorus you can hear that bone dry thump, to me a quintessential Gibson sound. The hard Manouche pick has an edginess to it, greatly dependent on attack. In places in this video, particularly on the D chord, there's a kind of splashing sound, like a loose hi-hat sound when bashed with a stick. Each of us has our own way of gettin' after it on a guitar and that's what makes each of us unique as players..........viva la difference!


Thanks for listening, guys!

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