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Dove Unplugged vid ... as requested


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Ok, as its a public holiday here in the Czech Republic I had some time on my hands and my hangover passed now, so I got busy with the Dove.


Several people aked to hear more how she sounds raw and unplugged, so I put a 10 min medley to hopefully show all the different sides of this lovelly specimen.


There is flatpicking, arpeggios to start off, and some strumming. Then I go up the neck and play a bit funky, and finish off with three fingerpicking example, first position and capoed. And just a splash of vocals.


Listening back I can really hear this guitar has 'presence', its quite an authoritive tone, the bottom end is thounderous, but also is capable of being gentle and charming, like any good Gibson can Its sort of like an AJ, it projects and has real presence and commanes respect from the player, but offers much and beyond in return.


So here is the vid, and below a vid i did some time ago showcasing the other guitars, including the J-150 and Hummingbird, i plyed in the new clip a few pieces from that comaprisement also, if you want to do a side by side


Enjoy, keen to hear your thoughts.


ps: best with headphones at 720p





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The guitar still sounds terrific and I recognize the voice like 1 to almost 1. Clear, but hazy, crisp, massive and bassy.

Have to say the Dove is one of the genuine, most generous and significant Gibsons of their entire catalog.


Flying so high for 55 years it became the all-time underexposed classic.


Do talk more to us about everything.

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The Dovists who’ve checked in are correct; the big beast can fingerpick in a bedroom voice, no problem. And normally, a sound clip with a capo is difficult to get a true sample of the guitar (an alt tuning has the same effect), but here the capo demonstrates how the maple is still able to hold it together and keep the bass very accessible, and tight, even for a big square. Also, note to self: for test purposes, the vocals help to give the listener an idea as to what the room sounds like.


Visually, the Dove's appearance is quite in-your-face; I’d even looked at pics of the Elvis Ebony Dove in black to see if that brings the impact down a little-




. . .maybe if it had a ebony stained bridge?




while not a fan of painted (bursts, the exception) guitars, this one is as about as toned down as the Dove gets, black pickguard, and all. The person playing it conveniently covers the bridge to allow a “what if?”.


Your Dove does look very good/nice contrast with the cherry back & sides color. And it sounds like it would take no prisoners in a loud situation, and is just dying to do so.


Gotta fess up, EA; strings?


Thanks for doing the demo- with deference to 40Yr's “Is this forum going down in flames?” thread, this is an example of how the forum is what it’s participants make it. There aren’t enough recordings of these guitars out there, especially the originals {hint to anyone holding some Early HB’s & Doves}. This adds geniune content, not just chatter.

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Gotta fess up, EA; strings?



Burst, they are DR Sunbeam 12's, i find they sound superb on maple guitars. But I most likely will move to Elixir PB's because they seem to sound really good on the maple J-150, so Im hoping it will also sound good on the Dove. Plus they are the ideal giggers strings as they last for months. Fingers crossed they will like the Dove, as they sound rubbihs on all my other Gibsons with the J-150 as the only exception.

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EA, your new guitar sounds wonderful. How would you best describe the difference you hear between it and your Hummingbird?




Lars, read the other thread about the Dove, i answer this somewhat there.

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