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Collector's Choice #46 Scott Bradoka Demo


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Yes he certainly does - way better. I think a lot of it is because he is a much better player with a wider variety of skills. Chappers always seems to fall back into the same thrashing heavy stuff.


Guitar really sounds killer in this demo, but I was disappointed he didn't play anything without either a boost pedal or overdrive - would've loved to hear the clean tones that guitar was capable of. And while the pedals were mentioned in sub-titles, no indication of which amp in the background he might of been playing through.


Not that I could afford the guitar and want to try to imitate the sound with the exact same equipment, but just nice to know.

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Are you sure it was a demo of the guitar, Rabs?

I thought it was more like a demo for the two different O/D pedals (plus the looper) than a guitar demo.


If it was a pedal demo then it was fine.


If, however, it was a guitar demo, then, I'm afraid....


...I was disappointed he didn't play anything without either a boost pedal or overdrive...



I couldn't agree more.


We were hearing what I'm sure is a very nice-sounding guitar but always being played through one of two different overdrive pedals. What is the point of that? All we can take from that clip is that it looks sort of OK and sounds sort of OK when played through an overdrive pedal. Or two. Which both sound sort of OK. And we take from that........what, exactly?


I enjoy his style of playing much more than I do Chappers' style but as an actual guitar demo it was pretty useless. The Vol and Tone controls work. So does the p'up selector switch. Wow. Surprise. And the o/d pedals work too. Yup.

As far as we can tell from that clip almost every LP under the sun would sound within, say, 5% of the tone displayed by that particular CC played through that amp and those pedals.

Some might sound better. How would we know?


Complete waste of time.


I appreciate that every guitar / amp pairing will sound different and to be truly objective on the strength of a clip posted on the web is a fool's errand but even so; Player+Guitar+Amp must surely be a better tone-demo-illustration as far as the guitar goes than Player+Guitar+Amp+Overdrive Pedal.


But I do like his skill. Very much.



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I often prefer some of the demos done by Danish Pete; he plays quite clear and clean, almost with a John Mayer style (or is that just me...?) so you can hear a bit more of what the guitar is doing, unlike Chappers with the faster note-melted-together-ness. The Captains' style is good for demos too, IMO, so helps offset Chappers a little bit.


The guitar has some nice tones; almost Tele twang at some points, I thought I heard!

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