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how long for fretboard to acclimatize to new environment?

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I recently bought a '91 Explorer that came from eastern canada, a potentially dry climate (i'm on the much more humid west coast). I've noticed that the fretboard has a couple little issues, the first being a small "hump" on the treble side starting around the 10th fret. It also seems to have shrunken a bit and created a minor "ledge" between the neck and fretboard, along with a little fret sprout. I have the guitar in a room set at 55% humidity now, and gave it a light treatment of fret doctor. I'm thinking that I should wait and see if these issues reverse themselves now that the guitar is in a more humid home, before having any work such as a refret/fingerboard plane done. My question is, how long would you recommend giving it before making the choice to have some work done? I'd hate to do it too soon and have the board continue to move after the fact, throwing things off....


Also, can anything be done to smooth the little ledge that has appeared between the fingerboard and neck, if it doesn't come back on its own? It's not too bad... you can't really see it, but feel it a little with your fingernail.


Thanks very much for any advice!

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