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Like NO ONE hangs out in here. Man, a guy makes a post, and it dies like a note played on a broken string. So anyway, about a month or so ago I picked up the trans blue LP DC GOTM w/emg's and a peizo. I hadn't played it, thought it would be really cool if I ever needed it. My first thought, as I got it in a trade, was to flip it for something really cool. Well, first I tried to trade it for a BC Rick Mockingbird Supreme, and the guy laughed at me. Wanted like $900 cash in addition. Ugh, well, no dice there. Then, had option of a Desert Eagle .44 magnum, chrome, w/illusion scope. Tempting, and I thought it could solve a few problems that I'm facing in my life, but cooler heads (ie--friends!!!) prevailed, and I kept the guitar.


So, I interviewed a singer Saturday night. Great woman, incredible voice, and all the personality of a awesome frontperson, and she's really hot. We were discussing songs to do, and she's leaning towards establishing an acoustic base first. I agree, it's a guarantee gig, even tho I don't really get to solo. Sigh. So I mention I don't have an acoustic, but told her about the DC. She got really excited. Of course, all girls get excited over guitars, ya know.


So we agree on a couple songs, Dream Theater's 'Spirit Carries On', and Maroon 5's 'Harder to Breathe.' I don't think you guys have to think too hard to guess who picked which song. This morning she mentions in an email about the electric acoustic thing.


So, tonight, after 2 long rehearsals, I need to run thru these tunes and a couple others, and I tune up the blue beauty for the first time.




Simply and incredible tone. I'd never played thru a peizo before. Solid, thick, meaty acoustic tones, stayed in tune perfectly, and just......well..........I'm at a loss for words.


You know the feeling when you play an guitar for the first time and you're just taken away by it's tone, beauty, and playability? I haven't had that happen in a while, ya know. Maybe I've grown to really become attached to a few, but this lovely guitar......


I don't know if it's just the peizo, or the quality build of a guitar like this. If you're at GC or any other music store (but always beat on GC's guitars first, ha ha) pick one of these up and play it.


I'm totally stoked on this guitar. And I haven't even tried the EMG's on it!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh, and following in my normal trend, here's a pix..........





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...Then' date=' had option of a Desert Eagle .44 magnum, chrome, w/illusion scope. Tempting, and I thought it could solve a few problems that I'm facing in my life, but cooler heads (ie--friends!!!) prevailed, and I kept the guitar.[/quote']

Good call, mate - and good friends you have. Lovely guitar! You know, those useless gun thingies are just ugly and sound crap anyway =P~




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Dude, give me more. This guitar has been killing my head since the first time I saw it. More info, more pictures, more everything. Oh, ****.... just realized I'm addicted.


EDIT: Found some basic info at Gibson's old websites. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/divisions/gibson%20usa/products/gotm/longhorndoublecutbv/ and



By the way, This gitar "Guitar of the Month", and so was a very like guitar that was also a GOTM. The only differences I have found is HS and BV at the end of the name. But what's the difference?


EDIT...again: Is the guitar yours now, or did you borrow it?

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hey, sorry, been on kinda a Gibson forum hiatus. playing the shet outta the DC. tone is just killer. maybe I have low standards? I dunno. anyway, will finally have sound clips pretty soon. Jocko has heard, but that was a crappy quality.


It's not the greatest for shredding lead work, but does nicely on blues stuff, and doing jazzy type chording, it's perfect.


oh yeah, to answer, it's mine. I traded for it on an impulse, and thought I'd flip it for something even better, but that never happened. Now, there's no way I'd get rid of this.

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I think that neck on your guitar is one of Gibson's high end quality necks. Is that a flower pot insignia on there? Go look at the expensive archtops and you may find that Classic neck. The guitar looks to be a versatile guitar with acoustic piezo and EMG pickups.


I think you got a Limited Gibson, which means they won't build anymore. Looks to be a smaller body LP with DC (double cutaway). It's an instant cult classic, especially with that high end neck. I'll bet they had a lot of those necks laying around and they decided that instead of taking up storage space, due to slow sales of the archtops, it was decided to sell them on a more popular body.

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