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'46 Gibson LG-2 TLC


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Hi All,


I've recently acquired a '46 Gibson LG-2 in need of some care. Structurally speaking all seems sound. I've noted that the tuners aren't the standard 3-on-a-plate and neither is the saddle - currently the tuners are Klusons.


There are two fairly deep scratches on the top surface and would like to get them repaired without dramatically killing the value of the instrument. Judging by the attached pics, what would your recommendations be to get this guitar as close to original as possible? If I try doing cosmetic repairs on the surface as needed and then do a thin french polish all round would this be the best approach? Also, where can I get vintage 3-on-a-plate tuners?


Will also be replacing the nut, saddle and pins with bone. Would also like to get a decent pickup installed - any recommendations? Currently leaning toward the LR Baggs Lyric - can anyone vouch for something better?


Any/all help appreciated in advance.

post-86227-038586900 1499581577_thumb.jpg

post-86227-035800500 1499581616_thumb.jpg

post-86227-044353000 1499581642_thumb.jpg

post-86227-068005800 1499581786_thumb.jpg

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Cool little guitar.. take it to a reputable Luthier and get the cracks cleated and repaired.. a good luthier will know what to do. the luthier can make a new rectangle bridge.. and saddle, as well as a nut if required.. . to save its originality.. and make it very playable.. those are great guitars.. dont do any refinish work on it.. it will lose its charm..


as for a pickup.. a old slide in dearmond..

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Nice guitar. I acquired a 48 LG2 a few years ago. It had many loose braces, but i reglued and it sounds great. You might be able to find soneone that can drop-fill the scraped areas of the top with lacquer that matches the original, but dont refinish the whole thing.

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