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Strange Amp Problem

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I've a Vox 10W with Epi Les Paul. So far they were running nice until a few days ago. The amp I found do not sound in it's clear mode but overdrive. After some investigation I found following things:


#1 Output from guitar seems okay


I tried to test with my one Vox amplug to ensure guitar output is okay, I didn't found any problem. Furthermore, in overdrive mode the amp sounds, so output does seems okay.


#2 Took to local mechanic


I took the amp to a local mechanic; he tested the guitar cable with his meter, found that is okay. He also tried an input from mobile to amp - and we found amp sounds okay in both clear and overdrive mode! So as I was initially thinking there is some problem in clear/overdrive switch - that chance also became fade.


But whenever I plugged my guitar to the amp, it do not sounds in clear mode at all.


Any idea what may go wrong?



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