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How we spend Tuesday nites in Prague ..


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Kind of a song circle ? Great place for a Dove test flight.


Actually this was post open mike which finished at 10pm. This is a 300 year old music cellar pub just near Charles Bridge in the old town where we jammed for a couple of hours


Quite an eclectic group, the singer is Japanese with the most impressive soulful voice.


Ill be doing some future gigs wiyh Karel, the very talented percussionist.


Great night all round.

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I would actually like to know how the pigeon was received, , , as the icon it is and sound-wise.

How did it blend in the mix - sonically / socially. .


Pigeon ..... a bit of decorum , pleeeease !


But a good question however.


The Dove in my stable is actually the 2nd loudest guitar behind the AJ, it is a loud and projective guitar. However with 3 other acoustic next to it in the cellar suprisingly it was probably the quietest. I think thats because all the others were laminates with solid tops, and while these guitars dont have the depth and warmth, they are loud, bright and can cut through the mix quite a bit.


So my Dove, definitely was the prima donna of the guitars, the prettiest by far, but mainly focused on rhythm duties, when i tried some lead it was lacking volume so i was happy to just push that train.


But to be totally honest, this Gibson collection of mine is also working against me, as there is a lot of envy around it with group of expat musos who make a living from it. They see me as a hack with a day job who doenst deserve these guitars. I of course say, screw them .. but Im also starting to get slow, slow respect from some of them. However i mix mainly with the more chilled amateurs like this crowd here, even though theres some real talent in this group.


@ Lars ... Im only starting this group musical sessions, its quite new to me. As im getting more gigs with this solo thing of mine, and meeting more musicians and getting some respect they are now inviting me to these jamms. Although these guys were not pros or anything, although Keiko, the Japanese soul queen is quite a talent. Great fun though, looking forward to more !

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