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Black Sabbath - Die Young


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Love everything off Heaven and Hell. Sometimes I just listen to the bass lines. B)


Geezer is the best. He always kept things interesting, but above all he knew when to be busy and when not. I've never known him to misjudge this balance.

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For many years, I couldn't figure out why the bass lines on Heaven and Hell sounded more complicated than prior Sabbath albums. They felt more complex and seemed to take a bit more of a solo spot on some of the songs. Then, I read this:


Although Tony Iommi maintains that Gruber only jammed with the group “for a bit,” Gruber contended that he, and not Geezer Butler, actually played bass on Heaven and Hell. In addition, Gruber states that he co-wrote the bulk of the album’s songs. To date, Gruber’s contributions remain uncredited, but the bass player ultimately backed off after, as he put it, “we came to a suitable financial arrangement.”


and this:


Amidst Ward’s issues, bassist Geezer Butler’s ferocious divorce proceedings largely sidelined him while recording Heaven and Hell. Longtime sideman and keyboardist Geoff Nichols was brought in to play bass on the record’s initial demos.




I don't doubt that Butler can play the bass lines, but I question whether or not he wrote them...

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