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It's been a good week for live music...


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And it's only Wed.! Monday night saw Paul McCartney do a 3 hour tour of the soundtrack of my very early years of awakening to real music awareness. 75 years old and he KILLED IT! Fantastic band (love Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums!). Last night (Tues.) graduated to my later years of musical journey/influence with 2.5 hrs of Roger Waters just fcking tearing it up. Loved his politics and his fearlessness in demonstrating them in an uncompromising and creative way. I had seen both of these acts many years ago (Paul with Wings and Roger with Floyd) and while I enjoyed them immensely then, the evolution of production values both in audio and visual mediums is just phenomenal. I pondered whether or not I'd take the time as I imagined the material would be very familiar and I'd seen it done live before. I'm so glad I went to both though as the experience was enhanced immeasurably by the state of the art production values. I knew that shows that were grossing over a million dollars a night would have the latest and greatest audio, lighting and video. So, harkening back to the earlier shows I'd seen all those years ago, seeing the acts again, in this era of incredible production capability was like seeing them for the first time. If you have the chance to see either act, take it. You will not be disappointed.


Oh, and tomorrow, I'm promoting a theatre show with Puddles Pity Party. Check him out on youtube (Royals is the song that hooked me). He's a modern day Pagliacci. A 7 foot tall singing clown. This will be my 2nd show with him and he's fantastic.


Here's Macca's set list for shxts and giggles..



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I'm going to McCartney this weekend. Can't wait. I've seen him every time he has been in the region since he started touring with this band about fifteen years ago. He never disappoints and I always leave the show feeling inspired and vow to learn to rip it up on the electric guitar like his lead player Rusty Anderson. Glad you enjoyed the show!


Red 333

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Glad to see the Board represented in front of vintage Macca still burning it.

The only kvasi-cool Juniors Farm could be hyper coool to hear live - and You Won't See Me is a melter (think he has a weak spot for Rubber Soul (who doesn't)).

Well, the whole show would certainly be a thrill.With Mr. Kite is brought to life out of those marmalade skies, , , wow.

That new Four Five Seconds is a splendid tune - not sure how much he had to do with it though. Doesn't matter, the song entertains.

I Wanna Be Your Man surprises - so does the starter. Imagine John bein' around sitting in the audience, , , or at home in the couch - oboy, the thought is impossible to comprehend.

Hi Hi Hi is good retro-fun, , , but Temporary Secretary, , , quite lame deal as I recall.


Btw. did you know I once saw him play the drums in a rather small venue during the unplugged era - now that was something.


Just sat doin' this one before reading this thread. A quiet favorite.


1968/70 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6qfQ5BEQ2s

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