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Can't watch the videos BK as I'm at work

Will watch later


You should come live here , lowden everywhere.

And no worry about humidifying 😄



Do the videos explain the funny angles of the frets and nut etc.?



Cold and wet enough here.....


Funny angles on the fan fret models are because some Irish guitar players have funny shaped fingers, and ears? That's what I was told.





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Local Bootek Guitars. I would not mind owning one made by Jim Triggs who was formerly with the Gibson Custom Shop. There was, also, of course, Mossman. But the local builder I am always on the lookout for is Albert Shutt. The guy built beautiful instruments in the 1910s and 1920s. While his mandolins come up for sale now and then, I have yet to see a guitar show up on the marketplace. He was apparently not very successful in his day. But the guy was amazing. Research shows he actually invented an adjustable truss rod before Gibson but did not have the money required to file patent papers.

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There was, also, of course, Mossman.


I LOVE Mossman guitars...I missed out on an incredible sounding and very clean Great Plains at the start of this year. I was so regretful about it that I named the opening track of my new record after it!

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