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Interesting discussion on Custom shop.


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LOL! I hope this discussion was mostly "tongue in cheek," since all original Les Paul's were "hand carved,"

the discussion about the "right/correct" carving on the top, is moot! They all differed, to varying degrees.

So, which "right"/correct carving are they talking about. Now, the points on wood, make sense. I loved the one

fellow's observation, about the marketing of the "Historic's" being "Oh, NOW we really got it right," until

the next year, or the year after that, when it will be "really, really, right!" PFFFF! The Custom Shop guitars

are excellent versions, no doubt. But, at 5-10 grand, they'd better be! I enjoyed the psychology, mentioned in

the part about "If you 'feel' that it's a great guitar, then you'll play better!" Of course! But, that's true

"Historic spec's" or not. Gibson guitars, or not!


It all boils down to what each player actually wants, needs, as opposed to some marketing ploy. Better woods,

more historic spec's can be/are a part of the equation, but never the full answer. It's why it's critical, to

shop around, in all price points, for "your" guitar, regardless of marketing/brainwashing. Or, IMHO, maybe in

spite of marketing hype. Especially, if one's going to pay those CS "True Historic"(for now) prices! [scared]


But, that's just Me. [unsure][tongue]



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A lot of this stuff is well known,history, marketing, preferences and the never ending search for the exact replica that cannot be achieved.


Bottom line, price and hype aside, historic spec Les Pauls are remarkable guitars.


Having said that I am glad I got mine for less than $3K because I would not pay the current prices, I could not justify it.

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Yes; interesting.


The bit from 14:35 to around 14:50 when the guy from Buckcherry discusses neck thickness / profile struck a chord with me. The only '59 Gibson I've played - not a 'burst, sadly - had a VERY different-feeling neck from that on my '59 R-I. Much slimmer in the shoulder and nowhere near as fat in the hand. Possibly the same thickness front-to-back but the shape was totally different and far far more comfortable.


Curiously (perhaps) the neck on my aforementioned R9 does feel very similar to the neck on a 1957 LP Special I had the chance to play a while back. I was able to back-to-back them and, painted finish on the Special apart, they felt pretty much identical.



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