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Redo backside guitar neck Gibson Hummingbird

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I have a 70's Gibson Hummingbird.


I'm thinking about sanding and refinishing the backside of the guitar neck because of the sticky neck syndrome.

There are also a few places where the finish has come off (little 'superficial holes' - not shure if this is correct English).


If I sand it down to the wood and refinish it, my guitar neck will have a wooden colour (mahogany).


Now the neck has a deep red, purple/brown color.

How do I get to the original colour again after sanding?

Is there some colour mix involved?



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not that I am a fan of doing this...


but,, it's your guitar right.


I think most guys that do this use Scotch brite pads, or 0000 steel wool. that will knock some of that top layer off, probably without effecting the color.

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The neck had a stain applied when the guitar was built. If you sand it down to the bare wood and want the original color back you would need to get the same stain used originally. Not sure if that is available as the guitar is over 40 years old? No matter what you do it will be difficult to match exactly with other parts of the finish that have aged and faded over time.

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