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Help with Classic 57 Pickup (4 wires)

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Hi guys,


I am completely new in this forum and I have the following query:


I have a Gibson les Paul Classic 2016 that brings 57 classic pickups at the neck (7.5 K) and 57 classic plus on the bridge (8.3 K).


My problem starts because I want to install a classic 57 with 4-conductor in the neck position to have the option of split coil and not lose the original tone. But in gibson.com, it is specified that it has an output of 8.3 K, similar to the classic plus, which brings me another complication because that the two pickups would have a similar output.


Does this pickup sound like a more powerful classic? or is it just a classic plus (for bridge) with four wires?


I would appreciate guidance and previous experiences from other users in this forum.


Sorry for my english.


Best regards,

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What did you eventually do. I have noticed that also with the discrepancy in the ohms reading from what is normally the reading in the 57 Classic to the one sold on the Gibson site.

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Not sure what you are trying to do, if you split the coil, the tone is going to change.  What kind of tone are you trying to get out of it might be where you want to start.

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