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Wall Wart Solution

Buc McMaster

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I've been reluctant to take my Schertler Yellow preamp to open mic stages because it requires 24V DC........meaning a wall wart (transformer to some, I guess). But I found a solution: the BIXPower BP90 rechargeable power supply. It can be set for 5V, 9V, 16V, 19V or......wait for it.......24V DC output! Hurrah! Always been a pain to drag AC voltage to the front of a stage, particularly at open mics where circumstances vary a lot.




Rated for 96W/Hr (over 26,000ma/hr!) it's got plenty of operating time on a charge. Stack the preamp on top as shown, plug in the guitar and direct out to the PA.....voila! With this little thang I'll have absolute EQ control of a K&K equipped guitar, such as the J-45V. Very cool! This preamp is the same front end that's in my Schertler David Deluxe combo amp: 4 bands of EQ, a resonance control with switchable Q (dial out a low or low mids boom), low cut filter, phase inversion........even has 48V phantom power available and an effects loop. Reckon this setup will get a field test pretty soon.......

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Brilliant.. what will they think of next?


Any one else find it odd that a pre-amp named YELLOW is in a BLUE box????




(It does look like the bomb tho... All I use is a Nano compressor, right into the board..)

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Cool idea!


We don't want to ask the sound guy for a power point, is that what you mean? Turn up and play.


I wonder if my Boss VE8 would work with it, supposed to be able to work with a handful of AAAs, but I use it at home in the power point. Though I would still need to ask the soundie if I can plug the 2 XLR leads into the PA.





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