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Oxford Gray Les Paul Standard


The Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar debuted in 1958 at a time in American culture when custom color options from leading auto industry manufacturers were becoming highly fashionable. This limited edition Oxford Gray Les Paul Standard showcases one such car color, never before seen on a Gibson Custom instrument, resulting in a bold and beautiful statement





And it seems to come very lightly aged with a singular chip in the back ( :P )





2017 Custom


The 2017 Les Paul Custom guitar lives up to the high standard set by the 1950's archetype while evolving to a level of tone and performance optimized to today's musical demands. Beneath the layers of its "tuxedo" appointments lies the crisp, edgy voice of a matched 490/498 humbucker set, a long neck tenon for maximum sustain and a two-piece maple top over a solid mahogany body that adds the perfect amount of bite to everything from jazz to hard rock.








Les Paul Standard Lightly Figured


An iconic model gets a unique spin with this sunset-inspired series of Limited Run Les Paul Standard guitars. Featuring gold hardware and two gorgeous sunset burst finishes, this guitar elevates the Les Paul Standard aesthetic to new heights. And the sound also rises -- the all-hide-glue, historic construction and exclusive Custombucker Alnico III pickups make this Les Paul sing like never before.








Les Paul Standard Figured Top


The Les Paul Standard guitar has become synonymous not only with tone and playability, but beauty. The figured maple tops have certainly helped it attain that status, and these limited edition Les Paul Standard Figured Top guitars take the idea to the next level with eye-popping, bold colors -- pulling out every detail of depth and curl of the highly figured maple tops. At its core, it is still the iconic Les Paul Standard you expect, replete with the finest and most accurate vintage replica parts and historic all-hide-glue construction.





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Love that walnut Custom. I've been saying on these pages for ages that I'd like to see more walnut finishes as it's possibly my favourite colour option and it looks like Gibson have listened to me. It shows the power my comments must have [laugh]

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While the Walnut finish custom is quite nice to look at, I do honestly find myself continuously underwhelmed by the the 'Custom' model guitar that Gibson offer nowadays.


Not to moan the same old moan, but the continued use of Richlite and Gibson USA pickups aren't justifiable on something that's costing that much. These things should be adorned in Ebony and CustomBucker pickups.

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I just tuned in today and saw these additional Custom Shop LPs. That Crimson one is really sweet looking, but I'm not so sure about the black back finish? I guess it probably blends best with the deep edge of the burst. Haven't seen a Pelham Blue LP for quite a while and the Walnut finish is another beauty.


I guess Gibson could care less about model years and when they come out. Seems like maybe summer NAMM would've been a perfect time to roll all these new Custom Shop guitars out, the LPS, the new 336s and now even some new 356s.


Also seem a little odd that these new CS LPs don't offer the same features (as an option maybe?) as the USA model like, push/pulls, and compound radius fingerboards? But I guess these are sort of more old school with the long tenon and traditional tone/volume controls.


No point griping about Richlite boards. Seems almost all these new CS guitars have them. Ebony is in short supply and these would cost even more if they had it. I got a new 356 recently with the Richlite board and I can't find any fault with it. Don't know how it will hold up over time, but I'll let you know in 20 years or so if I'm still around as I don't plan on ever giving up the guitar.

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