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Black Les Paul Standard signed by "The Edge"

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I acquired this guitar through an auction held at Bonnaroo in June 2017. The folks who worked there were not much help, all they could say is that the guitar was supplied by Gibson and they delivered it to The Edge to sign when he was doing sound check at the main stage at Bonnaroo. I cannot find the exact model at the gibson web site. The guitar can with some papers indication that it may have been meant for the Japanese market. Serial number is 007471314

Any help with identification would be certainly appreciated!



post-86450-015208900 1501450521_thumb.jpg

post-86450-008661900 1501450536_thumb.jpg

post-86450-099791700 1501450557_thumb.jpg

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looks like a standard to me, but I am no expert by any means. You could pull the neck pick up and there should be the model and color code written in there with a sharpie. may be under the bridge pickup.

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