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Hi all, New to group and LP's. Having wanted a LP since i was a kid in the mid 80s, it never seemed to come about for many reasons. That all changed last week on a total whim. Long story short, on my way out the door of my local shop, I spotted this red LP that i thought was an entry Epiphone because of the price. Upon further inspection i saw that it was used, had a bunch of rash, smelled like all the clubs so many of us knew, and was tweeked for someone who gigged a lot. Lastly, it said Gibson on it, and had a 97 Serial number. We plugged it into and Mesa unit and a Deluxe Tweed ( my amp ) and it whaled. My buddy, whom i was there with said that if i don't buy it now he will. Will the price point less than entry guitars i couldn't put it all together.


I really like my local shop and have bought top line Guitars and amps here, i trust them.


So, What I ended up with is a 97 LP Studio with P-94s in it, and a hard case. Coming from the Gretsch world the 94's are an added little bit of fun.


It needed a deep clean, but very little set up with 10's on it, though ill keep this one tuned down a half step so minor tweaking ensued.


I LOVE playing this guitar. Its so Fun and sounds killer.

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