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Michael Schenker Limited Edition Epiphone Flying V - Help

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Long time lurker...first post...I think?

Anyway, I have my eyes out for a Epiphone Michael Schenker Flying V.

I am getting really confused by all the different models being labeled as Michael Schenker...and others which look very similar bearing the "Rudolf" tag.

The distinguishing features seems to be the truss rod cover. The Rudolf's having Epiphone inscribed on a white cover, the "real" Michael guitars having a blank black/white truss cover.


I even came across one sold on Reverb awhile back with a black truss cover and silver/black grovers?

So...I was hoping someone here could set the record straight for me.

Is or was there a specific "Michael Schenker" model? Is the Rudolf actually a Michael?

If there was a Michael Schenker custom shop, what are the things I can look for too make sure it is legit?


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