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'59 L7-C question

Bruce MacNeill

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Hi, this may be the wrong forum but I don't see the old archtop forum listed. In talking with a violin maker the sound post came up and that reminded me of something. Back in 1960, as a birthday present I got a new ('59 by serial number) L7-C, which I still have and I do gig with it sometimes if I'm doing some jazz or for general interest of other players. It's still a great guitar, re-fretted a couple of times but otherwise pretty original. I still have the original case and even have the original key. Anyway, I seem to remember from my youth something getting loose inside the guitar and falling out after I tipped it around some. I thought I broke it but it still seemed to work and still does so I didn't tell anybody. The thing was kind of like a dowel and I wonder, did that guitar have a sound post in it from the factory? Does anyone know? I never thought about having one in a guitar but I guess it's possible. Mostly just curious. Thanks.

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