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Best Clean Sounding Humbucker For My LP Classic


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Right now, i have a LP Classic with the stock 496R & 500T pickups.

The other guitarist in my band has a Fender American Strat with Lace pickups

and the clean tone blows the tone clean on my LP out of the water (but mine kills distortion =P~)

Any suggestions and a beautiful sounding neck pickup for this guitar?

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I have a 2002 Les Paul Special with the same pickups as yours - one of the aged cherry (UV-cured) ones.


If your amp has both a lo-gain input and a hi-gain input, have you tried plugging into the lo-gain (input 2 on a blackface or silverface Fender)? I find that this really cleans up the tone.


Or have you tried lowering the neck pickup?


If you are keen to try another pickup and it doesn't have to be Gibson, there are some pickup winders who would be happy to speak to you and put something together to meet your needs. These include:


Jason Lollar

Pete Biltoft at VintageVibeGuitars

Lindy Fralin




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