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Toggle, Wiring, or Both, Thoughts?


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As I learn more about this little mojo unit, I like this thing. That said, my only Les Paul, i have no comparison. 97 LP Studio, modded with P94s


FYI, the Toggle is well worn but works. Its loose and goes side to side mechanically but with no pops or hissing. On to the wiring...



Toggle UP = Neck pickup..... Neck VOL on and off, and its Tone knob controls tone perfectly.


Toggle Down = Bridge Pickup.... Bridge VOL 0-10, and Tone knob Controls tone perfectly.


Toggle Middle = Both Pickups on BUT only if each is cracked open a little bit. In BOTH, With both Volumes to 0, you CAN NOT Just dial one Volume up and hear it. Its almost like a blend setting.


For instance, Off and OFF is well.. Off, guitar silent. But.., In order to have any pickup on in both, each pickups volume needs to be cracked open to about .5 or 1. If you do that its both pickups working. Is this normal or some mod i don't know about?


I don't mind it as I get a beauty tone with it in both and the Neck at 8 and the Bridge dialled in about 5 for a great clean.


Thoughts, Comments, Concerns?


Just trying to learn.

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Thx. Yes I have seen this. Coming from the Gretsch world, there wired a little different. This is cool!

You can wire it so the volumes are independent... But blending is cool.. Gives you more of a palette I think...





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Guest Farnsbarns

The guitar will make no sound in the middle position if either volume is at 0. This is the case whether using "modern" or "50s" wiring.

This is because with the volume on 0 there is a clear path to ground for the signal from both pups.


If you want to change that you pretty much just need to loose the switch. THEN you have a blended control.


Obviously if you want to use 1 pup with the standard wiring put the switch in the relevant position.

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I asked this question when I got my Hagstrom (I didnt have a Gibson then).


I handed it over to my luthier. He told me it was the standard Gibson circuit for 2 pickups with independent vol & tone pots.

Personally I dont like it. Consequently I had the Hagstrom rewired differently.

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