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Sunday Morning Surprise

Buc McMaster

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I was minding my own business, sipping on a cup of coffee on the driveway after just finishing the lyric for the new tune (yes! got a great refrain too!) when this white dove landed on the lawn not four feet away. Now I've seen white doves on TV but never saw a live one in the wild.......I was surprised to say the least. She poked around in the grass a bit then hopped up on this tree branch and sat, just looking around. I approached slowly and to my amazement was allowed to get very close.........and she even let me touch her tail feathers! WTF?!? Some kind of sign? Am I to die today? Win the lottery?





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. . . You will next be visited by a hummingbird. Then, you will be shown in Guitars Future, what your life and music would've been like with those guitars in it.


That's a good one!


Buc, beats me. I cannot imagine a wild dove being that tame. Furthermore, I don't know that white doves exist in Texas, assuming that is where you are. There is a new species of dove that has come in over the past ten years or so. I think it is called ringneck dove and it is larger than a mourning dove and can be light gray in color, but I have never seen a white one.


The Aztec dove species is tamer than mourning doves but I don't think even they are that tame.

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