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Speaking of materials......

Buc McMaster

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I am fascinated by the striking difference in the top woods of these two 45s..... The 14 fret Vintage is red spruce with a wide grain over most of the top, while the 12 fret is sitka and is very tight and even over the entire top......from a but a short distant the grain is almost invisible on this one. The tonal difference is impressive as well........




Love me some spruce!

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Does adirondack have silking like sitka and its just not as noticeable?

I can't recall seeing any adirondack top with medullary rays.........dunno if this species of spruce is without them in all cases. Shorty has none of this, just a very tight, regular grain.


........the unbelievably 'beautiful' wood on the bridge on the shorty! Is that RoseWood ?

Yes sir........an unusual cut of rosewood on Shorty's bridge.

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