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Fret Board Replacement

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is this a vintage Deluxe or a recent model?



The refret alone from a good luthier, would be costly in itself. I think that's averaging out around $400 maybe higher. Now add all the labor to swap out the fretboard, (rework the binding, inlays, finish etc) this has to be done RIGHT or the guitar is toast... I wouldn't be shocked it you're looking at something north of 800 bucks.


If you were dead serious on this, you might want to connect with gibson cs to see if they can provide the service, which I'm sure would be big bucks but done right, if they would even be able to quote you.


I have a few guitars with ebony fretboards and one with torrified maple, and I honestly cannot say I prefer either of those to rosewood, but that is just me and while I'm not sure this is true, with the ban on rosewood that is plaguing the industry these days, once all the shenanigans settle down with CITES regulations, guitars with "REAL" rose wood fingerboards, may enjoy some level of a up tick in resale value.


interesting thought tho.. this one may be a first!

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I would say with all that is involved you'd be looking at more than $1000. I don't know if Gibson Custom would even fool with it. It's not a warranty repair, or fix something broken etc. But I'm sure a good luthier would take on the job for the right price.


I am thinking you might be able to trade the guitar in for one with an Ebony board and pay less of a difference than what this swap would cost. Remove the frets, remove the binding, remove the board itself. Clean up the neck, purchase an ebony board (not cheap), refit it, refret, new binding, possibly refinish the neck.


I actually prefer Rosewood to Ebony, but I'm probably in the minority. Unless money is no object I just don't think it's worth it. [crying]

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