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Am I the only one who loves hand painted Les Pauls?

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The first guitar frankly looks like shoddy work (perhaps it's meant too in a BFG way...). The third one is not bad, though. Also many of the ones in chongo's links are really good.


While a skillfully hand painted axe can be enjoyable to behold, I do prefer to see the wood grain in my own guitars.




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You guys are all bout value...i mean gibsons from the 80s are gona worth something but todays quality in gibsons isnt great if its just a regular les paul. Now if it was a custom or some sorta of special les paul yes it would have vaule...heck what do i know im just a moneky typing away my thoguhts on the inter web.

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I love hand painted Les Pauls. Pretty much everyone on the forum has a LP that was painted by hand. Once it leaves Nashville plant' date=' though, keep your damn paintbrush away from my baby. But of course, if I was offered clapton's SG, I wouldnt turn it down. [/quote']


i wouldnt turn down clapton's' shoelaces if he offered them to me, let alone "the Fool"

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I like em too. I think a fourm member harmonics was gona hand paint one of his guitar. He showed us what he was gona darw on paper it was very good. Wonder if he will still do it.



Thanks and yep, it's still gonna happen. Can't yet do it though because it's too cold outside to allow for proper ventilation.



I like 'em so long as the design is good and well-executed. The 2nd one is my favorite out of the 3 on here.

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