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New tune -- "Not in My Town"


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Owning a slope Gibson, I have an obligation to write a protest song now and then. It's the law. Protest songs are part of a slope Gibson’s DNA that runs from Woody and Cisco to Dylan to Billy Bragg to Steve Earle to Tom Morello. I wanted to write about Charlottesville and the big question is, “Where to start?” I was reading a interview with a BLM member from Charlottesville and she was speaking about community defense. When asked about the planned march by bigots, she said, “Not here. Not in My Town.” Well, that’s your song right there. These are perilous times.


“Not in My Town” isn’t the best song I've ever written -- it should probably have a snappy sing-along chorus -- but it doesn’t have to be the best. It is meant to capture anger and to have a line that is repeated over and over so the listener will get it. Not here. Not in my town.



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