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Behind the slide


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Yeah. Man.


I just don't play slide enough, I promise myself I'll practice, and then I don't, and then I'm asked or told to, and I struggle, so I don't even offer it any more.


When yer name is Landreth(no relation) I'm sure you are destined to be a great slide player!


I've played this one a long time ago a few times, and Lindley just makes me weep with it, even listening now. I try to stay upright playing it but man, like a B3/Leslie, I just lose my knees when I hear this or play it. How does 6 stupid slurred notes do that to us? Me? You know. It's the whole thing though, if you see the early versions of this live the drummer just murders it, brings everybody around somehow. I just melt. I've gone down canyon drives, stood by interstates watching trucks go by, and yes, I have rolled down California 5 singing this song. Mrs is very understanding. Somehow. She did dig us Standing On A Corner in Winslow Arizona a lot.




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