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best "bad' movie?


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I really like STAR SHIP TROOPERs :D/


So does my 67 year old father who was in vietnam. No joke' date=' he watches in every time its on tv.

Army of Darkness. Such a great movie...but such a bad movie. One of my favs!


I wouldn't call that a bad movie. I always thought it was made that way on purpose to be funny but I've been wrong before. Great movie no matter what though.

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Army of Darkness. Such a great movie...but such a bad movie. One of my favs!


Isn't that part of the Evil Dead series with Bruce Campble? He is a great B actor. Ever see him in the Hercules epeisodes from the 90s? He was the Prince of Thieves.

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Toxic Avenger was good, Bloodsucking Freaks was good too. There was one with Wendy O. Williams in prison that was stupid good too; the guards racked their pump action shotguns for effect every forward step they made. Duh, ladies, you just racked five shells out on the ground!


But Plan Nine from Outer Space is the best.

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Rocky Horror Picture show.

I was in a bar in Korea for a unit get-together, including the few spouses that managed to get command-sponsored.

After the requisite $5 to stay inside, the event was well underway when I noticed the screams coming from the other side of the building;




I had no idea what was that about.


Armed forces network would soon show the same movie at midnight, halloween night.

That had to be the first cult movie I had ever seen.

It turns out to be among the movies you don't want to admit liking...


That 67 year-old, its a grunt thing.

You can only imagine how many rice paddies he had to hump and stay alive.



The worst miltary flick scene,

That scene in Green Berets where the enemy is closing in and they are actually walking into fire, -russian prisoner battalion-style.

Anybody with the training, or actual battlefield experience knows that it almost never happens.



That one scene that ruins an almost perfect movie.

Its from Saving Private Ryan, that beach episode is almost perfect.

The 29th and 1st Infantry Divisions were hitting Omaha beach, , the overview shot reveals that there are only a few ships present.

Those steep bullet trajectories, well, the 352d ID was both the only effective-strength unit there, they had just came from the russian front, and they were shooting from cliffs that took all morning to capture.

The 1st ID(M), my first assignment Big Red One anybody?

Don't ever say it quickly, we don't like it, we really don't like it.


You can see how a little history really fleshes out an episode that is unsurpassed in describing the absolute terror of hitting a hostile beach


Clockwork Orange was revolutionary as far as being among the first movies introducing synthesizers as part of the soundtrack.

I remember hearing at the time that these same musicians were part of the Donna Summer explosion, the song, all I remember is the chorus; "I feel love".


Starship troopers is a Marine movie, a grunt thing, you might not understand,...


Silent movie, well, silent except they manage to get Marceau-Marceau to speak .


The "white buffalo" with Charles Bronson. The initial charge moves fast enough to pass, but when they finally face the beast, they must have really wanted it to look pretty unconvincing.



There is that rock'n'roll fantasy flick with Michael Pare'(now a producer), Willem Dafoe(very Evil-looking gang vampire), too evil for his own good, between Johnny Depp, Dafoe and Malkovich, they are a sub-genre.

and Diane Lane(at her best), too-bad I can't remember the name to that 80's flick.


Poor guys, when you look vampirish, it doesn't matter how good an actor is, you might put your kids through college with the ugly roles(a hollywood maxim), but you might never get remembered for the right reasons.

Its just as bad as seeing the 2,999th SG being snapped in two by Pete Townsend, its hard to erase that particular image.

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