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I hope this isn't too dumb a question.


Not that I would buy a guitar there, but I like to surf Ebay guitar listings. I see many listings by people who state that they purchased the guitar solely to re-sell. They say things like "I'm not a dealer, I just enjoy buying guitars and selling them." A few things confuse me.


1. Does this void a warranty?

2. If they're not dealers, do these guys buy them at wholesale or retail? Why would I buy from yet another middle-man? :^o

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1. If you mean the manufacturer's warranty, it depends on what terms the manufacturer has specified. Some manufacturers will warrant a product for a fixed period of time or amount of usage (such as number of miles) regardless of change of ownership during the warranty period. Others will only offer a warranty to the original purchaser.


2. If they're not dealers, they might have snapped up a bargain knowing they can resell at a higher price. Or they might be people who are well off enough to pay for a short "trial" of a particular instrument.


I imagine you'd buy from "yet another middle man" when the middle man offers you an attractive deal.



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