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On the 31st of July Pandora withdrew from Australia which left me in the lurch because all of my music was being streamed.


Since then I've been trying Spotify, mainly playing Blues options. So far I'm not that happy with the choices they are playing. Say for example I select "Lightning Hopkins, the mix of other tracks is nothing like Pandora, and I find myself rejecting many of them, which is annoying.


I admit that I'm not that adept with the app as yet and wonder what others that are using it think about my experiences so far? It's sort of like when you buy an album how you like 4 or 5 tracks but not the rest of them, and those are the ones Spotify seems to be playing.


Not sure if I've made all that very clear but am interested in other's experiences on this subject please. I want to like it!

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My wife got an Amazon music account. It cost some cash for a year. Not sure how much, but it did not seem unreasonable from what I remember. She could add like 6 extra people for free. Not sure if it is available to you in Oz. I use it in my car in Bluetooth mode through my phone and I never need to bring an ipod or cd's.

No I'm not sure either FZF but will have a look for it thanks.

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Is I+heart radio available?


I prefer Pandora to it but it's an OK second choice.


I'm not a spotify fan, and I haven't explored the Google and Amazon options.

Yes iHeart Radio is available and I've beeb experimenting wit that too thanks but neither that or Spotify seem close to pandora yet. It might be that I need to do more work and see if I cab customise somehow.


Really keen to hear from somebody with more experience of either thanks guys.

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