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lol axewraps


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some of you guys may remember axe wraps guy from a long time ago. he was funny x]


anyways i'm going to get an axewraps for my strat (lololol) mostly just to be funny but also i am kind of tired of the hendrix paint job, but at the same time i don't want to paint over it or anything so axe wraps seems like a good idea (ahahaha i can't believe im saying that).


do you think i should get just plain black or three color sunburst. i am more leaning towards black cause the wood would look fack, but i really like the sunbursts. what do you guys think?

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Were you around for Axewraps?

That guy sucked a special kind of cxxx...you should get one.


WOW. I never knew that you were so close that you can give a thumbs up like that. HEY! I do see a little remanence of a oilpit once being here. OK Boys line starts here! Yeeeee! Haaaa! =P~8-[

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I caught Slash and some of his buddies at a gig in L.A. recently.

At first I couldn't understand what the hell it was on his guitar, then I noticed the rhythm guitar player had one too.

It was an axwrap! OMG! I thought what the hell is that? An Axewrap.

Axwrap Axwrap Axwrap.

I just love the way it sounds. Axewrap.

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nikko' date=' was this strat a project guitar?- yes

looks like you got another project

don't put a retarded axewrap on your guitar, paint it black[/quote']


but i don't want to paint over the cool stuff i have on it. i just want it to be temporarily black.

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