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Interesting approach to a new album


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New Zealand’s top dog song writer is bringing out a new album next week

He has been releasing videos every week of practice sessions for this Friday when he’ll be recording his new album i it’s entirety livein one day at the recording studio and the whole thing will be filmed and streamed live to watch

And it’s not just a guy and a guitar which would be easy , it’s full band and orchestra

Should be something not to be missed


All the info can be got at his site





Sorry ,it’s not really a ‘gibson’ thing but someone’s bound to have one

I know a lot of you will be interested in this for varying reasons


I’ll be watching

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Truly mesmerizing, to me, having zero insight into Studio Work.

After 18 minutes, and Neil realizing his guests didn't have beer, I decided I'd put this off until tonight when I can settle in and enjoy the whole hour and 41 minutes. With a beer.

Thanks BBG !


Yeah , same here

Aside from the fact I could listen to Neil Finn very easily it’ll be an interesting show of the studio


What a way to earn a crust eh?

Make ya sick

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Is that a toupe?


I don't think I could concentrate on the songs if it is!


(I saw the Splitz at a club called Bombay Rock many years ago - joint that specialised in touring who's who rock bands when they could hire them....Oils, Chisel, Graham Parker, etc. even...the big crowd one......ha ha The Knack! <_< ha ha 'My Sharona' live! Now myself and 3 very cynical and jaded lounge lizard friends went every weekend after the first time we went found us surrounded by models, but it was a PR trick, that worked [flapper] . Anyway, we went anyway when the Splitz played even though we didn' t like them much and we 4 agreed we like the spoons player! RIP Neil Crombie.)




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Watched the first one

Is a great little show with some beautiful music and lo and behold a gibson acoustic

Just started the second episode which has begun with the Gibson ,is that a 185 ? I’m no good at the nerdy stuff ..and whatever his brother plays


Hear the harmonies that really only brothers can get together


Good on ya Neil !!

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