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This one you will either love it or hate it, lol.

I picked up my Gibson CS-336 Mahogany in T.V. White. She is really light and very resonate with a ton of sustain. The neck is nice C shape, larger than a 60's style LP neck but not as big as a '59 style. The pickups are nice and punchy but the bass notes are super clear. So far she is a real joy to play.


Here are a few pics. I have taken the pickguard off.







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I'm a CS-336 owner as well [thumbup] I did not know they made them with those pickups :o


Congrats! Play the hell out of that thing! :-({|=


This was the model they just came out with a couple months ago - P-90s and the wrap around bridge. Hadn't seen that finish before though. Since then they re-introduced the regular 336 with a bridge and stop bar as well as the 356s. Glad to see Gibson putting these back in regular production at least for the time being. I think they are simply the best model Gibson makes. [thumbup]

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Glad you are enjoying it Drog. When I first saw these I was kind of ragging on them cause of the P-90s (I just don't get along with them) and the wrap-around bridge. But I was ignorant of the fact that the bridge is adjustable so you can set intonation, although maybe not as precisely as a tune-o-matic.


The TV White is uh - unique. Not what I would have gone for, but pretty cool looking. I'd have to see it in person to really get what it's like I think. The cream binding just doesn't seem to be enough contrast. Black binding would've really set it off with the black knobs and pups. But that's just personal taste the important thing is the feel, sound and how it plays and I am a huge fan of the 336 model.


Congrats and play that thing everyday!! [thumbup] [thumbup]

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