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neck binding?


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No prior to fretting.


Actually the tangs on the fret wire must be nipped before putting on the frets.

If not the wire will show up and down the neck.


You can see this easily on an un-bound neck.


You'd have to refret your guitar, plus the neck binding isn't just glued on the side.

Binding the neck is a tongue and groove process.


Trust me fretting tools will run you a few hundred dollars. Goto :




Give me a few minutes to find the picture.


Someone recently posted a goldtop that was bifurcated (divided in two), and you can

see how the neck is bound.


If you're still considering binding your guitar, maybe buy a new one, only a serious

luthier should attemp this project, considering all the variables.



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If you look at that picture, just in front of the pickup cavity. You'll see what I'm talking



Realistically you can't do that with the guitar in one piece. I've seen pictures online,

don't remember where, but it was a Les Paul neck repair. The luthier was a true

professional, he sanded the entire guitar to make the repair so when he painted, it didn't

look like a repair job.


The end result was amazing.


I'll look for that link too and post here so everyone can see the job.


Neck repair :




Like I said awhile back, buy a Les Paul copy. I'm sure no here wants you to screw up

your guitar.


Maybe you're capable of this job but it's not a weekend project.


Good luck.

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