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Tribute Covers for Glen Campbell


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I've just completed recording multi-track covers of two of my favourite Glen Campbell performed songs; Gentle On My Mind and Wichita Lineman. I'm endlessly fascinated how taking a song apart for how to play it, record it, listen to its construction and analyze it makes one marvel at just how amazing some of these composers and artists are or were.


Wichita Lineman


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  • Gretsch Electromatic G5122DC
  • Squire JBass


I remember hearing the song when I was young. I've never been a country music fan but there are some songs that cross all boundaries. Just the sound of that baritone guitar solo hooked me from the beginning, although I had no idea, at the age of 12 listening to Glen play it on the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour, what kind of guitar it was. I don't have a baritone, so I tuned my Gretsch down to C and laid on some heavy tremelo.


The chording of this song is just wonderful and Jimmy Webb could evoke such wonderful feelings and images in his lyrics. "And I need you more than want you... and I want you for all time" Amazing. The single plaintive note piano motif tapped out like morse code across telegraph wires is also genius.


Gentle On My Mind


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What can I say about this John Hartford song? I had heard Glen's voice singing the song countless times as it was the opening number/theme of his TV show. However, when learning the song and really listening to the construction and lyrics, I'm in awe of the artistry here. There are NO choruses in the song. Just four long verses over the same guitar pattern. It is never boring though, with the storytelling lyrics evoking a film-like journey of a man forever moving across the backroads of the world but never forgetting the love of his life.


I dip my cup of soup back from a gurglin', cracklin' caldron in some train yard

My beard a roughening coal pile, and a dirty hat pulled low across my face

Through cupped hands, round the tin can, I pretend to hold you to my breast and find

That you're waiting from the backroads by the rivers of my memories

Ever smilin' ever gentle on my mind

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Doug you've put a heap of work into these!I can tell you really analyze the songs and their structure.First rate playing and vocals.

I'm a less production sort of guy but I can appreciate someone with the chops and ability to do a fuller complex version.


Thanks, flatbaroque. I don't play all the instruments. I just play guitars, bass and do the vocals. The drums, keys and other instruments are all backing tracks. I do enjoy mixing multitrack recordings though. I'll download multitracks and replace the parts I can do with my own recordings and then balance the tracks. I find it challenging, educational and fun.


I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Very, very nice! I'm familiar with both songs, but especially appreciate Wichita Lineman. I first heard it done by Johnny Cash on one of his American Recordings albums.




Thanks, Lars!


I'm especially fond of the jazzy chords in "Lineman"; the Fmaj7 - C11sus2 - Bbmaj7 - Am7 - C11sus2 - Dm7 - Am7 - G - D is a wonderful chord progression.

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