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Tonight I'll use this


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Our local music store is sponsoring an open jam tonight at a local bar and I plan on going. I haven't gotten to play my Les Paul on stage yet, so I'm taking it. I'm not sure what songs I'm going to play but it's from 8 PM until midnight and they're wanting to let each person play three songs.



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I start worrying when looking at your guitar's pic :unsure: I hope you added Strap Locks since. They are strongly recommended. I would never play a Les Paul without onstage.


Oh, yeah, there's Schaller's on it now. I put them on all my electrics.

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Things went really well. About 20 musicians showed up and I think we had a pretty good rotation of people playing. I ended up playing about 12 songs or so and got to meet some good folks. A few people from my work showed up and some didn't recognize me with my hair out of the usual ponytail. I don't remember all the songs we played because quite a few of them I learned on stage. The ones I remember are:


Mary Had A Little Lamb - Buddy Guy

Crossroads - Cream

Sweet Melissa - Allman Brothers

Authority Song - John Mellencamp

Whipping Post - Allman Brothers

A couple of blues jams and a bunch of other songs that I can't remember the name of. One was a Robert Plant song that I wasn't familiar with.


I wish i could remember them all. I'll add a couple of pictures after while. It was a lot of fun. My friend's band is playing tonight at the same bar and we are going out to see them again and a lot of the same people will be there. They'll have me get up and play a few songs, maybe some of the same ones. We had a great time.

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