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What year SG?


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I enjoy playing the doors style mainly and will be playing through a twin reverb. I love the color of the 1960s guitars it's a really dark deep red, I believe this is heritage cherry which they still produced today but with some years of age. I may just buy a 2016 standard sg T

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The SG Original is no longer made but from a looks perspective it would be close to Krieger's guitar. If you don't want to pay a couple thousand dollars and don't mind a different pick guard, go for a 2017 SG with the 57 Classics in it. You will get a sound like the 2011 Robby Krieger reissue because it has the same pickups as the reissue. The 2016 has 490s in it and they are not going to sound the same.

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I bought the 2016 standard T. I think it looks way better than the 2017 with the full pickguard and vintage tuners. The 2016 also has 50s style neck. $919 new


I think the 57's sound alittle thin.



[scared] Thin??? [rolleyes] That hasn't been My experience, and I have '57's in most of my Les Paul and all my SG's!

Now, SG's in general, with their "slab bodies," can seem "thinner" sounding, compared to a full carved top body Les Paul.

But, I've found with slight amp EQ differences, and or slight roll off on the SG's tone control, can fatten things up,



But, to each his/her own. [biggrin]


Also, Maestro Vibrato tailpieces are available, as aftermarket purchases. The "Gibson" version

with the "Lyre" engraving, is harder to find, and more costly (naturally), but "All Parts" has

a plain version, and Vibramate has (or, did have) adapter plates, that don't require any drilling,

or altering of the guitar body, at all.


Good Luck!



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