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ok 2018's are out... yawn...


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Andertons and guitar center have them in stock.







I like the rear mounting of the PU's and the Cobalt burst blue is nice, however don't like the price.


and waitng on a Cherry finished LP with creme appointments(there is none, other than a solid red epi). Also waiting for the Apex headstock to transition over to everything.



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The only that I don't like, that I've never liked, is how they introduce and kill off models so quickly. The Classic HP, which is killer, is dead already. Now HPs are only on the Standard, so you can't even get a lower priced HP anymore. Nothing on the Tribute or the Studios.


Also, why is the new heel on the headstock not default now?


That said, love the colors and I'm sure they'll be amazing all around axes.

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Well, some have the "Yawn" reaction, to EVERY year's offerings. In that case, simply don't buy any. [biggrin]


I don't "need" ANY more guitars, Gibson's or otherwise. Yet, I'm really loving the 2018 Les Paul Classic (P-90)

Gold Top! So, I'm very tempted, by that one! Other's will have their own favorites, no doubt.


It's all Good!



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