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why no Steinberger tuners on Firebirds anymore?


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Yeah the grovers don't do it for me either. Firebird headstocks are supposed to be sleak and with the grovers it "looks" bulky. (Its only aesthetics I know but....)

I have a 2015 firebird and haven't had any problems with the steinbergers, but that's just my experience. The brass zero nut is terrible but the tuners haven't given me any trouble. I also wonder why only one color option. Love to see the multiple layers of a firebird and in ebony you don't get that. Ya'll think it's still a multi ply neck through or one piece neck through and the color masks that? Just checked on line and it doesn't specify multi ply. Curious about that. Still love firebirds though!

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Who has had Steinberger tuners break? I haven't heard of that.

Mine work fine.


Two close guitar players of mine. It isn't so much the break as the "unique". Try to get parts for them. I do have spare Grovers around here somewhere, in the equally unlikely event of a a full on failure that has to be replaced. Those banjo thingies, not so much. There's a set screw or something that likes to come off? Something like that happened to both guys and of course, it always comes when yer flailing around at some Skynyrd or something and that part is gawn.


This is long experience, neither happened last week, and it is of course quite likely that they are better these days.



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