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SG Serial Number - help wanted please


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Hi everybody,


I'm actually looking for buying an 2005 SG Junior, and I would have some questions about it, so it will be pretty cool if anybody can help me ;-)


1) Authenticity


Serial Number is : 032251370 so if I apply what I saw on the net I've got this :


Nashville Plant, TN, USA

November 18th, 2005

Production Number: 70




Is it correct for a Jr & does someone can give me some info about guitar spec' please?


2) Bridge

I've read some articles about changing "standard" bridge by a badass => is i treally interesting ?


Thanks a lot for your help,



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Looks like you have the serial number deciphered. Yes, it would be correct for the Jr.


The Badass is simply a replacement stop tailpiece that permits adjustment of intonation for individual strings. There are several companies making similar products, all work about the same. These are only necessary if you have an intonation problem that can't be adjusted out using the allen screws on each end of the tailpiece. This could happen based upon string gauges used, or in the even Gibson mounted the tailpiece studs slightly off. The replacement tailpieces work well and introduce few problems of their own.

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