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connecting scs1d to traditional mixer

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Hi my problem is this i bought two scs1d units , how do i connect a traditional mixer so i can use these scs1d units. the only way i know is to to buy stanton scratch 2 audio interface ,Which i cant find anywhere, so if you have any ideas how i can connect these two units it would be most welcome




thank you

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You cannot connect the SCS.1D straight to a mixer, because:


- It doesn't have a built-in audio interface

- It's a controller, it is made to send a signal to a software which will translate and make use of it

- The only port it has is an IEEE-1394 Firewire port


To make use of it, you must connect it to a desktop or laptop computer, working on Linux, Windows or MacOS.

This computer must have a Firewire port available. See there are two Firewire ports on each of your SCS.1D's?

That's because unlike USB, Firewire is daisy-chainable. Use one Firewire cable to connect the SCS.1Ds between

each other, and take either one to connect to your computer. Once done, the computer has to have a DJ software

installed. Not all DJ softwares are compatible with legacy Stanton stuff. That's why most of us use either

VirtualDJ or Traktor. The piece of software will take care of producing the audio, and will be controlled

by the SCS.1Ds and your computer keyboard/mouse/trackpad. Then, you'll need something to output the audio

from your computer to your mixer. No, you don't need the NI Audio6/8 interface, you can use most modern

audio interfaces. It could have USB, or Firewire, it doesn't matter. If it has Firewire, you can of course

daisychain it to your SCS.1Ds. For ease of use, try to find an audio interface with two sets of RCA outputs,

so you can then connect both sets to each channel of your mixer. Since you can control up to 4 decks with your

SCS.1Ds, you can even get to 4 stereo outs, provided you have a 4 channel mixer. You don't HAVE to use an

audio interface with RCA outs though. These are line levels, so you could use any audio interface with multiple

TS outputs. You also could get a mixer with MIDI control, so you could mix "in-the-box" and stereo output the

audio from your computer. You could also get a DJ mixer that has a built-in audio interface. Possibilities are

pretty much endless.


Hope that helped!

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