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Gibson Tremelo on 2016 SG Standard T


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How much and is it possible to put a Gibson Tremolo on my 2016 Gibson SG Standard T? Just like the Robby krieger of The Doors had on his 1968 Gibson SG Standard.


YES! The Gibson version, of the "Lyre" Maestro Vibrato tailpiece, is available as an aftermarket item. It's rather expensive,

and a bit harder to find. But, "All Parts" has a "plain" version (without the engraving, that the Gibson one has), for less

money, but same overall quality. Vibramate makes (or did, anyway) adapter plate systems, that allow one to be installed,

without having to drill the guitar body, at all. (Hooks up to the stop-bar posts, and the screw at the back strap button.)

Seems to work really well. They also make adapters for various Bigsby vibrato tailpieces, as well.






Cheers, and Good Luck! [thumbup][biggrin]



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